July 9, 2010

Caught On The Web

Yay for South African Music!

We've been holding on to this Donald The Neosapien track and you know what, it's just not fair that we should be the only ones to have it. So here you go. Donald was part of a rap crew called Planet Universe and let's just say they were out of this world. Bring on the cheese. Ha!

Ok, no for real, the group disbanded and although D has been lacing some verses on production by Marvin aka Sir Isaac Newtown, also formerly of Planet Universe, Donald has managed to make some moves on his own. Aside from working on his one man play that debuts at Joburg Promusica Basement Theatre in Florida Park on 31 July (so hurry up and get your tickets), this multi-Slam-Poetry-show winner has been working on some rap music. Yeah, we love it when poets don't hide behind a-line skirts, dreadlocks and headwraps to show us they can really rap. Here is Donald The Neosapien's Gotta Let You Know. Let us know what you think of it.



  1. My sick boy, finally heard the track, it's awesome bro! TPP

  2. thank you so much mate, More coming soon!!