August 14, 2009


So Reason can’t braai meat for squat! But fortunately for him, this K1 Spitter (get familiar) only has to worry about the likes of rap beef. Not the brown and white spotted moo-ing kind. Now before haters get their pants all soiled at the thought, Reason has no bones to pick with anyone. Oh contraire, it seems his fans, la familia and groupies alike are the ones who have been asking more questions than 50Cent assisted by Nate Dogg. In a nutshell: When is the album dropping?
Dzi is mum and the industry is asking who’s your daddy? Ok that was much funnier in my head.

Reason’s answer is in the form of a tongue in cheek mixtape especially titled for our illiterate friends, Cool Kidz and rap fiends. The “WenzTheAlbumCuminOut? Mixtape” was unleashed onto these mean internet streets today and you can download it right here. Pretend you care what the boss thinks about your frequent internet usage. The second best thing about the mouthful of a mixtape is that nostalgia gets the best of one-time campus DJ, Uncle Bextizie, who channels his inner DJ on My Fake FM.

The best thing however is that the mixtape is DOPE!

Reason put together 13 tracks, most of which were part of his exclusive Friday give-aways, each introduced by the witty Uncle Bextizie. Murdarous! Over beats woven by the likes of “that nyi99a Instro” as Uncle Bextizie calls the NASA producer, Ootz, pH, Infa and even Kanye West, Reason goes bar to bar with everybody and their mommas.

Well almost.

Outrageous Records affiliate Nthabi – Miss Nthabi to you and me – as well as Cap City’s Anvils, the East Rand’s S.O.S, Cape Town’s Driemanskap and Ben Sharpa make vocal appearances. And don’t forget Mr Vaal Triangular Son, To Be Particular himself X-Rate amongst many others.

Now young Sizwe is obviously very near and dear to theblagg and if you dare speak ill of him we will find you, come to your house, eat your babies and “kill you then vacation in Knysna” (Wassup Black Lez). Ok so we won’t. We’re just blaggers after all. But if you have nothing constructive to say about the WenzTheAlbumCuminOut? Mixtape then do like Flabba said and shut the fcuk up!

This mixtape is definitely something to write home about. And theblaggers squandered their mortage loot on All Star cut-offs and jelly beans so we have no home. That’s why we write to you. So stop your bloodclot crying and blah blah blah fishpaste you know the rest. Remember to keep checking for the official album, it will surface in this millennium still. Or at least until he learns to braai a piece of steak well. Final word from Reason? “Imma die a legend from the shit I did before I cracked it.” Believe it.


  1. I digg the flavour!
    I think that the focus now should be to get the look and feel to match up to the dope writing..
    Mad respect!

  2. Aww fanksh Solo. However, once we have enough money to get a doper look and feel we'll hook it up. But we are just blaggers after all. And that jelly bean moola has not graduated to seed money for The Blagg... And do you like Reason's mixtape?

  3. I am a certified blagger and I 2 have a thqang thang for jelly beans. i haven't gotten my clammy hands on the mixtape though but i will do so soon.....FRATPACK WHAAAAAAAT!!!!!!